José Luis Lizcano

Managing Director of AECA

Coordinator and founding member of the Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Degree in Economics from the Autonomous University of Madrid, has a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) for this University and an Executive MBA from Instituto de Empresa.

Since 1996 he has specialized in the field of CSR, both from a theoretical and scientific, and from the practical level of application systems and management. Author of many popular articles and research papers, is also a frequent speaker on various aspects of CSR and corporate governance.

As of 2006 focuses on the field of applied research on corporate reporting models nonfinancial information (INF). AECA Within two projects going and culminates on Standardization of INF (CGI-CSR and CCI-RSC) and their XBRL taxonomies, in which representatives of various institutions and regulators, practitioners, academics and business. Based on these projects in March 2011 initiated a line of work directing a new interdisciplinary working group on Integrated Information-Integrated Reporting (IR). In December 2012 the paper published a pioneering proposal AECA of IR information model called Integrated Indicators Table (CII-FESG) XBRL Taxonomy and respects the conceptual framework targeted by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

Francisco Flores

Professor of Economics and Management at the University of La Laguna

European Ph.D. in Business Administration. Previously, he was a full-time researcher in New Technologies in Accounting and Business Administration at the Business Faculty of the University of Huelva (Spain). His main research interests are IT, social media, digital reporting, digital transparency on the web, Basel III, Solvency II, internal controls and the impact of the international regulations. He has published international articles in various journals, books and other publications. He is a member of the COREP-XBRL Group, reporting to the Committee of European Banking Supervisors for the implementation of Basel III and Solvency II in the European Union.

María Mora

Principal Engineer on AI and XBRL Expert at Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe

International Expert in XBRL. Engineering Doctorate at the University of Bristol.

Maria Mora is Principal Engineer on Artificial Intelligence and XBRL Expert at Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe. Chair of the of the Best Practices Board at XBRL International, Co-Chair of the Academic Working Group at XBRL Europe, Chair of the Academic Track – Eurofiling XBRL week and Technical leader of the Integrated Suite Working group at AECA. She leads projects to increase the adoption of financial and non-financial information among companies and their stakeholders using technologies and reporting standards. Previously, she worked at XBRL Spain, AtoS Consulting Spain and the CDP for the dissemination of the XBRL standard within Spanish regulatory and supervisory entities. With 12 years of experience, Maria has a high-profile career in strategy, research, innovation and technical leadership in the business reporting domain.

Since 2005, she is member of several XBRL working groups from the Spanish Financial and Corporate reporting community, participating in projects with national regulatory authorities, including the Bank of Spain, supervisory agencies and national accounting associations (AECA), leading experience in Financial, Solvency, Corporate, and Sustainability Reporting.

Maria is currently finalising an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) in Systems Engineering at the University of Bristol (United Kingdom). Her areas of research are Artificial Intelligence and system engineering applied to corporate reporting, information systems, semantic technologies and Big data. She is author and co-author of several international articles related to XBRL in financial and sustainability reporting published in business and information systems journals, academic conferences, books and magazines.

Manuel Rejón

Director at CREA-SSET Consulting

CPA registered at the Official Registry of Spain (no. 21343). Bachelor in Business Administration, University of Granada. Master in Auditing, University of Alcalá de Henares. He has spent most of his professional career linked to the external and internal audit. He is also a professor of accounting and auditing. He has been awarded by the Spanish Accounting Association and Business Administration three times for items on Spanish GAAP and IFRS. He also writes regularly in major professional journals of Spain (AECA Magazine, Accounting and Financial Strategy Magazine) and Latin America (Legis Journal of Accounting and Auditing). Researcher at the AECA Pronouncement on Integrated Reporting.


Mario ALONSO, Auren
Ignacio BOIXO, Eurofiling
Enrique BONSÓN, New Technologies and Accounting Commission of AECA
Jesús DE LA MORENA, Garrigues
Dolores GALLARDO, University of Extremadura
Isabel GARCÍA, University of Salamanca
Paulino GARCÍA, Spanish National Commision of Stock Market
Javier MORA, XBRL Spain
José MELÉNDEZ, Spanish Registars (Colegio de Registradores)
Enrique ORTEGA, Principles and Accounting Standards Commission of AECA
Manuel ORTEGA, Data Office, Bank of Spain
Mª del Mar RAMÍREZ, Ernst & Young
Helena REDONDO, Deloitte
Pedro RIVERO, Corporate Social Responsibility Commission of AECA
Mercedes RUIZ, ETEA-University of Cordoba
Almudena RODRÍGUEZ, Accenture
Pilar SAURA, Data Office, Bank of Spain
Denise SILVA, Prefeitura da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Allyson UGARTE, Former Inter-American Development Bank and XBRL Consultant (USA)

Representatives of Spanish listed companies in the Pilot Program of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) who have participated in the AECA Pronouncement

BBVA: Tomás Conde and Daniela Noriega
ENAGAS: Elena Blanco and José Miguel Tudela
INDITEX: Indalecio Pérez
INDRA: Begoña Morales and Alberto Muelas
MELIÁ HOTELS: Cristóbal Mora
TELEFÓNICA: Emilio Vera and Silvia Guzmán
REPSOL: Emilio Linares-Rivera