XBRL Taxonomy for Integrated Scoreboard: IS-FESG Taxonomy

The Integrated Scoreboard must encourage the development of applications for the generation, publication and analysis of integrated information, considering the advantages of relevant, quantitative, clear, concise and comparable financial and non-financial information.

The IS-FESG Taxonomy provides technological support for the generation, transmission and processing of Reports on the Integrated  Reporting activities for all types of entity using the Integrated Scoreboard of Financial, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance indicators .

XBRL version 2.1, of 2012-01-25

Dimensions version 1.0, of  2005-12-31

Formula version 1.0, 2009-06-22

International  companies –  IFRS

(XML Schema – Data dictionary)

Spanish listed companies –  IPP  (Spanish GAAP)

(XML Schema – Data dictionary)

Spanish companies – PGC2007 (Spanish GAAP)

(XML Schema – Data dictionary)