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IS-FESG Taxonomy for Integrated Reporting granted “Acknowledged” Status

IS-FESG Taxonomy for Integrated Reporting granted “Acknowledged” Status

The IS-FESG Taxonomy, by the Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration, provides technological support for the generation, transmission and processing of Reports on the activities for all types of entity using the Integrated Scoreboard of Financial, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance indicators. SPAIN TAXONOMY  

The New Corporate Reporting Paradigm: Towards the Integrated Reporting Landscape With XBRL-Enabled Technology

Published in: Data Interactive – Hitachi – Written by Javier Mora  & María Mora  Abstract The new Corporate Reporting generation, taking in consideration that the current reporting processes are driven by legal channels and the increased  interest and needs of the companies, in the value creation and transparency that may be considered valuable by diverse groups…

Información Integrada: Propuesta de un modelo

INFORMACIÓN INTEGRADA: PROPUESTA DE UN MODELO  Autores: Francisco Flores, José Luis Lizcano, María Mora y Manuel Rejón Ponentes del Documento AECA sobre Información Integrada La necesidad de una información integrada empresarial La crisis de confianza en la economía y sus agentes se achaca en gran medida a los problemas de transparencia informativa. Los inversores y demás usuarios de la…

XBRL and Integrated Scoreboard: The Spanish Accounting Association Taxonomy approach

Published in the The International Journal of Digital Accounting Research Authors: Javier Mora Gonzálbez. XBRL Spain. María Mora Rodríguez. AtoS. Spain. Abstract Recently, the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) developed a Discussion Paper (DP), offering initial proposals for the development of an International Integrated Reporting Framework, combining and connecting financial and non-financial…